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Our Testimonials

I am incredibly grateful for my journey with Shaolin Lotus. The discipline, focus, and inner strength I’ve gained through their teachings have transformed my life. People are friendly and helpful In Shaolin Lotus, like a big family, especially Shifu’s expertise and dedication create a supportive environment for personal growth.

Shaolin Lotus is not just a place to learn martial arts; it’s a path to self-discovery and empowerment. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking physical and mental transformation.

— Cai Zheng Bao

I have been taking my family to Shaolin Lotus Kung Fu lessons for over a decade. My children have grown from toddlers to teenagers while learning kung fu. Shifus teachings are a great balance of Fitness, Martial Arts and Self Defence, delivered with patience, discipline and a smile!

We’ve made great friendships and everyone in the group is very welcoming. Chinese culture is celebrated with social gatherings and other meetups that bring the group closer together. We hope to continue growing our skills and friendships here for many more years!

— Stainsby family

The Shaolin Lotus is a place where I learnt to be more confident thanks to Shifu and new friends I made during my martial arts journey.

I was able to achieve skills that I’ve never imagined I’d be capable of.

— Stefano

I have been involved at Shaolin Lotus for four years. Shaolin Lotus is not just a Kung-Fu school, it’s a family. We are together as a whole, no one is left out. Everyone is treated equally. No one is ever given up on.

Shifu Shi Yan Jin has ignited a love of martial arts in me. It has increased my awareness, confidence, strength, coordination and flexibility … I am getting back into shape and have more energy. He always motivates me to do my best.

I recommend this school to anyone and everyone.

— Roger Montero

During my time studying martial arts I have learnt about various forms, and from the forms I have discovered the applications within and how effective they can be. I have made a vast improvement in my flexibility and stamina.

Also over the duration of my study my forms have improved greatly. The way I see myself growing further would be to practice during my free time, that way I could discover more about myself and the martial culture.

— Calvin “Dewaine” Simpson

I’m grateful to be part of Shaolin Lotus School. I joined in Nov’22 as a beginner with no prior knowledge to learn traditional Kung fu from Shifu. Not only the classes have helped build confidence, discipline, improve mental and physical strength, I’m learning to be more resilient, focus and channelize energy in a constructive way, and to self explore.

Shifu has wealth of knowledge and wisdom, patient teaching and explains the forms, stances in detail and its practical applications. I learnt the importance of Gong Fu (the word means “Time & Effort”) which applies to everything in daily life.

I enjoy the cardio exercises, stretches, breath regulation and traditional forms the most. Also gives an insight of rich culture and legacy of the art form, and an opportunity to meet like minded people.

Everyone in the school is warm, friendly and welcoming, a very inclusive environment encouraging each other. We’ve built special bond as a group in a short time, thanks to Shifu and his family to have put in so much effort to bring everyone together.

I strongly recommend for anyone to join and try. I’m glad to see my 7 year old son enjoying the classes with much interest and passion to learn. Looking forward to be part of the school for many more years to come.

— Krishna